Copy Is One Of The Most Important Design Elements Of Your Website

Copywriters will argue it is the most important element, but I won’t get started on that prickly subject…

A successful website focuses on 3 things:

  • High-quality content
  • Design
  • User experience (UX)

If any of these key elements are missing, your business will suffer the consequences. No traffic. No dollars.

A site that is hard for a user to navigate, hideous to look at, and doesn’t say what you need to convert those leads into sales is…well…a bit of a waste of time.

With the holy trinity of copywriting, graphic design and a logical website layout taken care of, your potential buyer can easily interact with your business and seamlessly complete their journey around your website. All that time and effort you have put into your marketing will soon be converting into sales. Hurrah!

buyer journey content


What I do:

I write with inbound content marketing and conversion-driven strategies in mind (err…what..?). This means crafting persuasive copy that sneakily converts a visitor into a lead into a sale. It’s okay, they won’t even know it’s happening…shhhh

Your brand’s voice: 

I can be as serious, cute or weird as you need me to be. I am a rollercoaster of all of these on a daily basis…so I’ve got you covered! I’ll ask you many, many questions and research your business thoroughly so my words fit naturally into your voice.

Your target audience:

I work with you to unravel the mystery of who your audience is, what they are looking for, and why your business is the one that can answer their questions and solve their problems. Surprisingly, your website is not about you at all, it’s totally about them! I know, right?


I can deliver pure, unadulterated copy that you can format as you like. Once I hand it over, it’s all yours to treat like a princess (or a frog) as you please.


I can amaze you with the good stuff. I can lay out my copy in wireframes to perform some sweet, sweet visual magic that will have your customers morris-dancing for joy when they discover your site.


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Auckland, New Zealand