Hi, I’m Rachael.

I’m a freelance copywriter based in New Zealand – those tiny islands right at the bottom of the world

I help businesses in New Zealand and other places on Earth to create valuable B2B and B2C content for their websites.

All my work is 100% original, and I don’t outsource to anyone else.

I provide a friendly and enthusiastic writing service that is professional and always to deadline. I’m always keen for a challenge, and although I specialise in creating content for the tech and health industries, I can happily write for any industry – don’t be afraid to contact me.

One of my passions is helping other people start and succeed with their business dreams – starting is the hardest part!


I’m a University graduate with majors in English and Anthropology.

I am a qualified legal executive (to you non-New Zealand folks, that means a paralegal), but I escaped the world of law to start my own e-commerce fashion business and open two retail stores.

Over this time, I honed my skills in the world of copywriting and small business marketing and then I sold my business to concentrate fully on copywriting and digital content creation.


I travelled across the world for a year with only a small backpack and an inflatable unicorn.

I love pugs. And reading. And cake. And nachos.

Sometimes I jump out of planes.

So…what’s with the bees?

Visualise, if you will, a bee going about its day. It is an industrious worker focused on collecting pollen and creating honey to ensure the growth of its hive – maybe humming some David Bowie songs as it goes about its work.

We often don’t spare a thought for the humble bees of the world and their role in our lives, but we do get to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Bees are a great analogy for the collective words that work hard every day to define our businesses and produce optimal results.

 “We are bees then; language is the honey”   Robert Bly “Words Rising”

Freelance B2B Copywriter | Conversion Copy | Digital Content Creation | Auckland