Hi, I’m Rachael.

I’m a freelance B2B writer from New Zealand – those tiny islands right at the bottom of the world!

I help businesses achieve their content marketing goals by creating articles, case studies, and white papers that drive lead generation and sales.

My main focus is to bring out your individual style and brand voice, telling your unique story and setting you apart from everyone else out there.

All my work is 100% original, and I don’t outsource to anyone else.

I specialize in creating copy for the digital marketing and tech industries, but I LOVE variety in my work and can happily research and write for most industries. Feel free to contact me.

I’m a University graduate with majors in English and Anthropology.

I’m also a qualified legal executive (to you non-New Zealand folks, that means a paralegal), but I escaped the world of law many years ago to start my own e-commerce fashion business and open two retail stores.

Over this time, I honed my skills in the world of content marketing. I then sold my business to concentrate fully on B2B writing for digital marketing and tech companies.


I travelled across the world for 18 months with only a small backpack and an inflatable unicorn.

I love pugs. And reading. And cake. And nachos.

I’m a bit obsessed with 60’s American muscle cars and cryptocurrency

Sometimes I jump out of planes.

So…what’s with the bees?

Visualise, if you will, a bee going about its day. It is an industrious worker focused on collecting pollen and creating honey to ensure the growth of its hive – maybe humming some David Bowie songs as it goes about its work.

We often don’t spare a thought for the humble bees of the world and their role in our lives, but we do get to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Bees are a great analogy for the collective words that work hard every day to define our businesses and produce optimal results.

 “We are bees then; language is the honey”   Robert Bly “Words Rising”

Freelance B2B Copywriter | Digital Marketing | Case Studies | Auckland


Email: rachael@thecopybee.com

Freelance copywriter | Digital Content

Auckland, New Zealand


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